Lalilo’s Privacy Policy

Lalilo will always care about and protect teachers’ personal information as well as any data collected on any of their students.

What information specifically is being collected?

Lalilo collects information on two different populations: teachers and students. Lalilo collects information on teachers during the signup process. The following information is collected: the teacher’s first name, last name, and email address, as well as the school name. Lalilo encrypts all passwords and, therefore, cannot access them. Lalilo collects students’ names, as given by their teachers, and the results of the exercises they complete on the platform. During some exercises, the student’s voice is recorded and then stored anonymously, which means that it cannot be linked back to the student. Teachers may add other information about their students, such as their general reading level.

How does Lalilo collect this information?

Lalilo collects teachers’ information during the signup process. Some information on students might be provided by the teachers (such as their name and reading level, but it is not compulsory). Other information is directly collected by the platform during the exercises. The data collected by the platform during the exercises is not aggregated. After the results are analyzed, the data can be aggregated.

How is this information protected and secured?

Lalilo uses SSL which encrypts data from end-to-end and is known today as the best way to protect users’ information. Lalilo’s servers are hosted by Amazon Web Service in Europe.

Will this information ever be shared?

Information collected from students is never used or disclosed for third-party advertising or any kind of behaviorally-targeted advertising, and it is never sold or rented to anyone, including marketers or advertisers.

Can users opt-out?

If a teacher decides to opt-out, they can, and Lalilo will delete all of their personal information (which was given during the signup process: name, email address, & school name). The data collected on the students will remain but will be made entirely anonymous, not linked to any name, teacher, or school.